Wednesday, 19 March 2014

January / February / March 2014

Wow Alfie got 75% in  Medium 73!!

He felt amazing in the warm up and did his best ever test. Very proud of ginger squirt. I had taken him to East Soley the day before (won his last x2 Elementaries, out of Ele points now) so he was  lovely and calm and relaxed at Snowball having already been out 'in the real world' the day before. Gosh i remember a couple of years ago when he wasn't strong enough to even be schooled 2 days in a row, let alone compete 2 days in a row.

And got his sexy bum in H&H again!

Katherine Davies and Longdean Waterworld received their much deserved wild card to the restricted Medium Area Festival Finals at the BD Winter Nationals at Hartpury!
Im so pleased for them, they have been working so hard. He is a lovely hot horse and Kate is so amazing with him, knowing when its right to just still and be patient and when its right to turn the pressure on and ask for a little more.
Thats true horsemanship. Fabulous partnership they have but i believe Kate brings this to all the horses she trains in her stable, importing talented young irish horses to bring on and sell to their lucky new owners.

Im very very very proud of Annie Kingston and Mo the very stunning intelligent cheeky Haflingerout and about competing and bringing me home frillys every time.
Mo is learning that it is really good fun to put your energy into actually doing the dressage movements on the test sheet, as opposed to where his energy used to go which was more of a freestyle that Mo invented at the time! Love him! But it was not necessarily what the judge was looking for on her test sheet. 
Its been such a lovely journey for both of them. Annie still gives me some funny looks when i take her out of her comfort zone on the lessons (hee hee) but thankfully she trusts me that its always within hers and Mo's capabilities. I like it when a client says 'are you having a laugh' in reply to a task i have set them. Lets me know they feel stretched and thats good as we are there to do 2 things, 1 - to have bloody good fun and 2 - improve the horse and rider to their maximum ability within a 45 minute session. 
We cant change the world within that set time but as long as my riders understand the goals we have set and understand how to gradually make these improvements as their homework, then you will do as Annie does, which is to improve every single session. 

That beautiful smile says it all. xxx