Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jan/Feb/March 2015

A couple of emails and tx that have made me smile .......and reminded me why I do my job!
From my lovely friend and client Debbie Burden
"OMG, how much does my core and arse hurt today. If only Nikita could talk she would probably say the same!! Thanks for fab lessons and making Ellie have a light bulb moment and big smile x"

From a client who had lost her nerve before I met her and not dared ride for a year, until today.
"I am so delighted and had moments of real joy, I completely forgot about being frightened. It was awesome! I'm so very grateful to you, I genuinely wondered if I would ever ride again or even ever get enjoyment from it. I thought maybe I had lost the ability, but its there still, and and can't wait to do it all again. Thank you so much x"

I received this email last month from a lovely client Jade Tee who sadly (for me!) has moved out of the area.
 "Hi Tracey, just wanted to say that you are an AMAZING TRAINER,  I've been looking for some one down in Somerset since May and am having a bloomin hard time finding anyone who even comes close to you. Have been having a series of RYWM lessons and have come away feeling confused, frustrated and uninspired (which takes some doing). Everythings getting tight and clunky and I'm just layering tightness and tightness as the weeks go on - not helping me  or my pony at all in mind or body. Looking for inspiration I just had read through your blogspot and its really helped me find myself and bring back what you taught me and what works! The pictures alone has put back in the aspirational images in my mind and reminded me that goal of what I want to achieve, being at one and in harmony (not riding short with an obsession  a 45 degree angle to the detriment of all else)  when riding and ideally one day maybe looking as fancy and doing such fancy things as you and your lucky clients are! If you're ever in Somerset let me know hehe! Hope alls good with you, Mr May and Alfie 😃"

Fingers crossed the TTT (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust) has been able to recommend to Jade a TTT person down in Somerset. I know how I felt when I first saw Ali Sewell ride  ( now Cookson) and then 20 years ago (blimey!) she started to teach me how to ride like her (er to ride correctly/ properly!) and it quite simply changed my life. No other training system has come close. I still have fun working with other trainers and it can be helpful but I am soooooo lucky and grateful for the information and principles that my TTT journey has instilled into me. Regular monthly training clinics with our number one judge Stephen Clarke, the one and only mighty Charles De Kunffy,  Arthur Kottas and Herwig Radnetter from The Spanish Riding School of Vienna. What an amazing cocktail of Masters. Thankyou.