Friday, 7 December 2012

November/December 2012

Oo what a busy time its been. Firstly with an amazing holiday and then moving the boys to a yard where they can go out in the field all day and where its safe for me to take them out hacking on the byways by myself when we need a bit of escapism! This has made so much difference to Alf and his strength of body, but also more calmness of mind is clear. Calm power is a must for a dressage horse. Mr Del is such a good boy, he just gets on with his job no matter what his field arrangements.
Both boys are going really well at the mo and we had a fantastic two day course with my trainer Ali Cookson at the TTT. With Alf we were working on suppleness behind the saddle leading to a straighter horse and with Del we were working on my (not so adhesive!) seat! Then a fabulous two days with Stephen Clarke. Alf was the best he has ever been and started to show super talent for collection in the canter. Del was brilliant as always and impressed Stephen with his medium trots and canters and his lateral work.

September/October 2012

Well done to Hannah Bown and Fin for winning the Prelim Area Festival at Patchetts. This qualifies her to take part at the Area Festival Final which is held at the National Winter Championships at Hartpury next year.

Clever Georgia Sayles has been working hard on her position and influence of her legs and seat and her reward is a lovely round engaged pony!

Sarah Harington is starting to really enjoy competing her Andalusian Red at Affiliated British Dressage . They had a fab day at Pachesham dressage today. 65% and 4th out of a strong field of 15.
Alf went to Patchetts for the first time and was second in Novice 35 with 71.92%
Delboy went the next day and won Novice 38 with 70.77% and Elementary 45 with 66.90%
Alf went to Pachesham for the first time and was third in both Novices with 69.61% and 68.62%
We also went back to one of our favourite venues East Soley and Alf was second in Novice 38 with 69.03% and he won Elementary 53 with his best % at this level so far 69.71%