Sunday, 5 February 2017

October/November/December 2017

Lauren Holloway is doing such a beautiful job of training her young horse.
I think you can see why I call him Mini Totillas! Here he is at his first competition. 8th out of 25 starters, clever baby pony.

What a gorgeous improvement from Sophie Watkins and Inca. This lovely mare wasn't born with a natural medium trot. Good gymnastic training that Sophie has been doing, progressively engaging the mares hind legs and back resulted in me saying WOW in this months training!

I'm very pleased that Sophie and Inca have qualified for the BD Novice Regionals and will then be moving up the BD ladder to Elementary for spring and Medium by the summer.

So proud of Nicky Reynolds and Indie now achieving 70% at BD Novice!

Ive had great fun with Sam Watson and Jean Smiths Jebeth Beam Me Up. Reserve Champion at Oldencraig unaffiliated Intro champs!

Louise Garland has trained her beautiful young horse D from an absolute bubba to now good enough for 2nd place in the RC Dressage Area Qualifier with a brilliant 69.55%!

So proud of Katie Patrick and Bertie. I've been training Katie since she was a teenager at school and am so delighted with her riding and Dressage results. BE is her first love but some good BD results are also now on her card at Novice and Elementary!